Manning Great Lakes police warn about traffic infringement email scam

A number of people have contacted the Manning Great Lakes Area police command recently reporting that they have received a traffic infringement notice from the NSW Police.

As previous reported by the Gloucester Advocate, the email generally states the date of offence and the amount of the infringement.

Police have advised that NSW Police does not send out infringements by way of email unless you have been spoken to and agreed to receiving a ticket in this form.

If you have not been stopped by the police and informed that you will be receiving a notice and then give the actual police officer your email address, it is most likely that your email "infringement" is a scam.

The best advice from police is to not open any attachment and do not click on the link for more information.

Just delete.

Police have asked people to share this information with their relatives, parents or grandparents who may not have access to this warning.

It is very frustrating to see the vulnerable in our community being the victims of this type of crime, police say.