Letter to editor: express counters

Gloucester's supermarkets have been a great place for young people to learn the skills of service and work ethic. It has been an accessible venue for first job seekers and those who are venturing back into the work force from years having and rearing children. 

Those going into Woolworths now will discover that they have opened self service isles. 

Checkout isles have been removed to be replaced by sterile mind numbing machines. 

Today, while waiting in line at a checkout, with a smiling faced human to serve me, an older lady was having trouble putting her goods on the belt. A staff member was able to come to the other side of the counter, place her purchases from the trolley onto the counter then serve her purchases like no machine could ever do. 

I believe we are being trained to do all the work thereby finishing many jobs in our town. Remember the service stations where someone would put fuel into your car? 

Now we do all the work with no social interaction with other human beings. 

Call it cost cutting but to what end?‚Äč

Jean Spokes