Letter to the editor: advertising lies

Gloucester Resources Limited’s (GRL) advertisement in last week’s Gloucester Advocate (November 1) brings to mind the old saying about lies, damned lies and statistics.

Since Brian Wingett first brought GRL to Gloucester in 2006, this community has repeatedly expressed its overwhelming opposition to the development of a coal mine on Gloucester’s doorstep. 

This was reaffirmed by a ReachTEL poll in July which revealed that 73% of people in the Gloucester local area oppose the proposed Rocky Hill Coal Project.

Despite this opposition the directors of GRL have pushed on; not because they want to create a glorious future for Gloucester but in the interest of increasing their profit, power and prestige.

This is only the third occasion that the Department of Planning and Environment has recommended that a coal project not be approved. 

The department’s assessment report is a damning indictment of GRL.

Graeme Healy