The day the television reception went out

Some Gloucester residents noticed they didn’t television reception yesterday (November 15) and began to wonder why.

The Gloucester Advocate posted a Facebook message in the afternoon to see who was affected and how to find out what happened.

Mark Hazelwood posted “I rang WIN at 9 this morning and they said Essential Energy had something to do with it and it would be back on at 4pm.”

“Here’s the thing. Essential Energy has told WIN, PRIME and NBN that it advised us all that the service would be out from 9am till 4 pm. I didn’t get any notification. Did anyone else?” Mark continued.

A spokesperson for Essential Energy said customers in Gloucester were impacted by a planned outage yesterday, November 15.

“445 customers were impacted and notified for planned work in the Thunderbolts Way area from 8.30am to 4pm.”

“The interruption affected several communication sites. These customers were notified of the planned work,” the spokesperson said.