L​etter to the ​E​ditor ​: Woolworths Gloucester self serve checkouts

I was pleased to read about the excellent customer experience witnessed while shopping at the Gloucester W​oolworths​ in a letter to the editor in the Gloucester Advocate on November 8.

As you had noticed​,​ we ​have ​introduced self serve checkouts for those​ of our customers who wish to use them ​- as well as an online pick-up service.​

At ​Woolworths ​we ​want our customers to have a choice about how they pay for their groceries. ​

We know that self-serve checkouts are very popular with our customers nationwide and we have them in around 80 per cent of our stores, with an average of six in each.

These ​new ​registers ​at Gloucester ​have resulted in ​four​ extra jobs and 90 extra hours a week added to our service team rosters.​ ​

We ​are also ​currently looking to employ a further ​five​ team members​. In fact we started with 47 team members ​four​ years ago and have now grown to over 70 local team members as the store has grown and extra services ​such as the pick-up and self service registers ​have been added.

Traditional check outs will always have a place as many customers enjoy using them,​ however the introduction of the self serve check outs will provide the store greater ability to serve customers​ and​ reduc​e wait times during peak trade.​ 

Glenn McCormack, Store Manager Gloucester