Diamond Road Arabians giving away purebred gelding

A Diamond Road Arabian horse with it's friends. Photo: supplied
A Diamond Road Arabian horse with it's friends. Photo: supplied

In a bid to encourage the ownership of Arabian horses in the area, Diamond Road Arabians in Upper Lansdowne has decided to give away a young gelding to a local person who is willing and able to do something special with him.

“The Arabian horse is a loyal, athletic and kind companion and capable of doing just about anything it’s owner asks of them,” Diamond Road Arabians owner David Gillett said.

“They have a reputation for being too spirited for some people, however that is usually just showing off. The Arabian is well known to be the smartest of horse breeds, and it takes a smart owner to understand that,” David said.

Conditions will apply - the prospective owner will need to join the Arabian Horse Society of Australia, pay a nominal amount for the gelding and registration of the horse (approximately $500) and be willing to hold onto the horse for a period of two years before selling again.

“We want to avoid those unscrupulous people who might want to make a quick buck on these horses. What we are looking for is a pony clubber who wants to ride something with a bit of style in the future, or someone interested in endurance or even the show ring,” David said.

If successful, the stud plans to offer their geldings to locals each foaling season. Please contact Diamond Road Arabian Stud through Facebook to apply.