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Chris Goodsell with the Range Rover Evoque.
Chris Goodsell with the Range Rover Evoque.

It's been a busy year with the testing of sixteen cars and eleven motorcycles.

This included four Kias and Holdens, three Jaguars and Hyundais, one Range Rover and one Suzuki.

On motorcycles it was six BMWs, four Harley Davidsons and one Honda.


Modern cars and motorcycles are so well put together. The two winners were hard to decide on.

I worked on the basis of enjoyment to drive/ride, comfort and driver aids and safety.

The 2017 car of the year final three were the Kia Sportage Sli Petrol, Holden Astra RS and Range Rover Evoque.

The first two did not have adaptive cruise control, the Range Rover Evoque does.

In a very close decision the Range Rover Evoque was awarded Road ramblings road test car of 2017.

The decision on the winning motorcycle was easier.

Three finalists in the motorcycle division were the Harley Davidson Breakout, the BMWs R1200RT and S1000R.

The clear winner was the wonderful long distance cruiser the BMW R1200RT.

Chris Goodsell with the BMW R1200RT.

Chris Goodsell with the BMW R1200RT.

Congratulations to both Range Rover and BMW.    

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