Australia Day message from Member for Lyne, Dr Gillespie

This Australia Day, Friday January 26, there will be many community celebrations across our electorate.

Australia Day is a wonderful day to celebrate the many great things that make our nation the envy of the world.

With a strong and rich history dating back more than 60,000 years, our nation has developed into one of the most confident, modern and peaceful societies in the world.

The First Australians, the traditional custodians, have a long and enduring history with the land that holds an important and special place in our nation’s history.

The early European settlers, both free and convict, came half way around the world to a new land that would be further explored and settled by many generations later.

Since that time we have seen people become Australians from all parts of the globe, adopting an Australian culture that is particularly recognisable when we travel abroad.

For the vast majority of Australians we are an easy going people with a larrikin streak, proud of our country and the achievements our nation has had over its very long history.

Australia Day at this time of year provides us with an opportunity to take advantage of what many of us love most about being Australian - spending time in the great outdoors. Whether it’s fishing on the river, a swim at the beach, backyard cricket, a barbeque with family and friends, a cuppa with a neighbour, or a walk along the coast or in the bush, Australia Day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy being Australian.