Jo Ernst art exhibition at Manning Regional Art Gallery

Jo Ernst: Life Study (ink on paper).
Jo Ernst: Life Study (ink on paper).

Focusing on the work of a life model as art in itself, Jo Ernst's exhibition "Not just a nude - life models of the Manning", which opens this week at Manning Regional Art Gallery, offers some thought provoking contemplation of the creative process.

Jo explores body and spirit through the medium of the human figure, focusing on local models who have been an important part of her working and teaching practice for the past 11 years in the Manning Valley.

She holds that life drawing is more than an analytical study of bones, muscle and flesh, but the intimate study of the individual, that unique self and personal presence.

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"I view the role of life model as an art in itself. It's pretty serious stuff, much more is involved than the view that you simply take your clothes off and just sit there," said Jo.

The launch is on Saturday February 10 at 2pm, together with the launch of Jocelyn Maughan's exhibition "Inspirations - Black Head to Patonga", and is free to attend. Both exhibitions run until Sunday 25 March.

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