Louise Rourke to speak at Manning Net meeting

Louise Rourke.

Louise Rourke.

Wingham vet, animal behaviouralist and instructor, Louise Rourke will be guest speaker at the next Manning Net meeting at Club Taree on February 22.

Louise will share her insights into animal behaviour with her talk "what on earth do we think they’re thinking."

Dogs and people have been together for a long time – 40,000 years or more. 

Anyone who has experience with living with a dog will recognise that a unique relationship exists between humans and canines.

We often seem to reach a level of communication not seen with other species.

Why is this?  Why in many ways are dogs the perfect fit as companions for people? 

At one point we thought that dogs did not ‘think’ at all – that they were just a well put together series of innate behaviours. 

But over the last few years, research has delved more into the brains of dogs and started to reveal some very exciting answers to some of these questions. 

This short presentation will give you an overview of what we think… to give us more of an understanding of what they’re thinking.

Join the Manning Net at 6.30pm, on February 22 at Club Taree.

The cost for the evening is $25, which includes a two-course meal with complimentary tea and coffee after the meal. 

RSVP by phone or email by 10am on Monday, February 19 to:

  • Alison McIntosh 6553 4780
  • Susan Ryan 6553 5150
  • Ruth Brown 6553 9877 or
  • Marilyn Thomas 6551 3416.

You can also RSVP online at www.manningnet.org