Will Gloucester reach 40 degrees?

It looks like Gloucester will keep up the heat for a little longer

According a private weather station, the forecast over the next 7 days predicts a few more days of high 30s before temperatures drop

The 7 day forecast from wunderground.com reads:

Wednesday, February 14 –  sunny with a high of 39 degrees

Thursday, February 15 – cloudy in the morning with a sunny afternoon and a high of 34 degrees

Friday, February 16 – sunny and reaching 26 degrees

Saturday, February 17 – partly cloudy and temperatures reaching 31 degrees

Sunday, February 18 – mostly cloudy with a high of 35 degrees

Monday, February 19 – afternoon thunderstorms with temperatures reaching 30 degrees

Tuesday, February 20  – showers with a high of 25 degrees