Letter: Thank you to all those who helped

We would like to thank all those who fought and controlled the large fire that started on our Bowman River property two weeks ago and burned for several days.

The local RFS brigades were augmented by trucks from all directions including Stroud, Gangat, Tinonee and further afield. 

National Parks personnel were heavily engaged as were many of our neighbours. 

Stuart Redman did a great job on the dozer cutting the firebreaks to prevent spread up the Bowman valley as the brigades followed up and back-burned. 

There were many more involved who deserve our heartfelt thanks.

It brought home once again the priceless value and high quality of the largely volunteer commitment that springs into action whenever fire breaks out. 

We are grateful to all concerned.

Perhaps there is also a message there about the need for more hazard reduction burning.

Jim and Coral Hoggett,

Bowman River