MidCoast Water Services moves to combine customer service centres

With the changes to Mid Coast Water Services location, the customer service number will remain the same.
With the changes to Mid Coast Water Services location, the customer service number will remain the same.

MidCoast Water Services customer service functions will move to Forster and Taree council offices from Tuesday, April 3, providing a single point of service for all council and water services.

Customers will be able to carry out their water and sewer inquiries at the council offices in Breese Parade, Forster, and Pulteney Street, Taree, following the Easter weekend.

The customer service points at the MidCoast Water Services offices at Muldoon Street, Taree and Breese Parade, Forster, will close from 1pm on Thursday, March 29, to begin the move.

This move is the first step in providing the community with one service point for all council inquiries, and is one of 20 major integration projects MidCoast Council is undertaking to provide more effective and efficient services to the community.

“The integration of the customer service functions of council and MidCoast Water Services is a vital step in delivering more efficient services to our customers,” MidCoast Council’s acting general manager, Steve Embry said.

The teams will be working together to provide business as usual from Tuesday, April 3.

Other than a new location for all current water and sewer services, there will be little change to the service customers currently experience. 

“The same friendly staff will be on hand to assist customers as we take this step in providing one service point for water, sewer and general enquiries” MidCoast Council’s director of water services, Brendan Guiney said.

The phone number for Mid Coast Water will remain the same, 1300 133 455, and will continue to operate 24/7 for emergencies and service difficulties.

Mid Coast Water Services accounts can still be paid at Australia Post, online or via Bpay.

The new customer service team will be focussed on putting customer needs first while they work on integrating council and water business across the organisation in the months following the move.