Gloucester School of Arts Annual Arts and Cultural Grant

School of Arts. Photo supplied
School of Arts. Photo supplied

Have you ever wondered what or who are the Gloucester School of Arts (SOA)?

The Gloucester heritage listed School of Arts (SOA) building was built in 1933, making it one of town’s oldest public buildings. Around 1933 a group of community members wanted a building suitable for many activities.

Over the years the space has been used for things like; balls, dances, TAFE, typing and secretarial tutoring, dressmaking, leadlight and visual arts plus providing a meeting space organisations.

Currently, the lower floor houses the Gloucester Gallery which has become an icon attracting both local and tourists into the building. Supplemented by the two shops on Church Street plus efficient management by the committee, the building is in great shape to potentially survive another eight decades. There have been many people over its 87 years that have kept the building a viable space and the current committee are grateful for their support.

One of the SOA commitments to the “Arts” has been the Annual Arts and Cultural Grant. A total of $2,000 is available to be shared between applicants, with projects due to run from July 1, 2018 to 30 June 30, 2019.

Some past recipients have run tutored workshops, exploring creativity.

The 2018/2019 round of grant applications are open now with the prescribed application form, funding guidelines and further details available from Secretary, PO Box 239, Gloucester NSW 2422, via Peter Buettel on 0429 208 944, email at or Jean Spokes 0418 427 131. 

Closing date for application is May 31. Successful applicants are chosen by SOA committee vote.  

So, get your ideas bubbling to find out if we can help.