Panthers hold the lead

This weeks’ round 10 match for the Gloucester Panthers men’s hockey team had them tackling second place contenders, the Taree Tigers KFC team.

In the last match, tempers became a little frayed between the two teams as they battled it out on the field but during this match, teams kept themselves in better check, letting their skills do the talking.

The Panthers asserted a little more dominance early on in the match getting around their defence on multiple occasions but were unfortunately unable convert.

Warren Beggs, despite his injury, just missed a backhanded tomahawk over the goal by centimetres and then put his body on the line, diving for a cross from Dave Keen only to be thwarted by the goal keeper at the last minute.

The first goal came from a push across the goal to be picked up by winger, Josh Howard who kept his stick down right on the post to push the ball in behind the keeper.

The Tigers were not without their attempts but with tremendous ball skills from the back line, from players such as Bruce Snape, who maintained composer, the Tigers was kept out of scoring range. A second break-through came for the Gloucester team when they forced a short corner on the opposition.

In a text-book play, the ball was fed to Dale Tonks, who cracked the ball straight through all defence to lead the first half 2-0.

In the second half, play remained tight throughout and with 10 minutes remaining, the Tigers struck back.

Gloucester got on top of their game, slowed their play and maintained better control to ensure that no further goals were conceded.

The move worked as the Panthers kept any further attempts out continuing the teams unbeaten record half way through the season with a win 2-1.

Next round, the team has back to back matches due to a cancelled match earlier in the season. On Saturday, June 16 they take on the Sharks at 1.30pm and on Sunday, June 17 they play Chatham J & T. Both games will be played at the Manning Valley hockey fields.