Smashing round of tennis

A most enjoyable day of tennis in very pleasant conditions.

Murray came out winner over Snape 3/28 to 3/24 by a narrow margin. Two tie-break sets with Merrilyn and Bernie winning both over Fay and Hilary (bringing it to a tie-break after a long fight back from being down 4/1. Aces Fay 2, Bernie 3 and Hilary 3.

Tied with double faults Fay 1, Merrilyn 4, Bernie 1 and Lorraine 2. Thanks to Fay and Ruth with Fro floating for Elaine and Di. Pearson having a decisive win over Munn 5 /35 to Munn 1/21.

Some tight tennis played with the only tie-break going to Munn. Not their usual style of tennis. Aces going to Julie 1, and Leanne 1. Double faults to Sue 1, who also won the raffle; Joanie 1 and Julie 1.

hank you to Joanie floating at last minute for a sick Kate.