Gusting winds on the shooting range

In strong gusting winds on Sunday July 29 for the Gloucester Rifle Club’s Sunday shoot.

In standard fullbore at the demanding 700 yard range Steve Pennicuik posted a well-earned 76/100, and in free-class fullbore Stuart Kerr posted a ripping 94/120, chased hard by young Harry Moore on a fine 89.2 and Nick Pennicuik on a hard-won 77.

In continuing winds, in 25 metre rimfire Bruce Jones materialised a smashing possible 250/250, just pipping Lance May on a ripping 249 and chased hard by Lindsay Pennicuik and Nick Pennicuik on 238 and 226.

Next shoot will be on Sunday August 12, with fullbore at 300 metres from 8.30am and 25 metre rimfire from 11am.

Visitors are very welcome on shoot days, and enquiries regarding club activities and firearms licensing may be made to Steve Pennicuik on 6558 2087.

The next Longarms Firearms Licensing Course is planned for Saturday August 11 - prior booking is essential.