Letter: Drivers pushing the boundary at traffic lights

As a driver in the Great Lakes, NSW and indeed interstate, I increasingly see drivers ‘pushing the boundary’ on the decision as to whether to stop at an amber light or not. 

For those who’ve forgotten, the law states that you stop at an amber unless you are 'so close that sudden breaking might cause a crash’. 

By not stopping at the amber, we now see drivers regularly driving through red lights almost as though this is their new right.

They are breaking the law and putting innocent pedestrians and other drivers and passengers lives' at risk every day.

We need to obey the law.

We cannot expect the police to see every infringement and I feel that this then encourages some drivers who have not been caught to continue flaunting the rules until it almost becomes acceptable.

How many close calls have you seen on our roads?

Why are we rushing and putting others' safety at risk?

Unless some change in attitude occurs, we can only expect an increase in serious car accidents and pedestrian death.

Susan Goodison