2018 Gloucester Mountain Man Tri Challenge

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At 8am on Sunday, September 9 the 2018 Gloucester Mountain Man Tri Challenge will begin with up to 300 competitors and more than 100 volunteers.

It has been a key event on the Gloucester calendar since 1991 when the first race attracted 117 men and woman from as far away as Queensland and Southern NSW to compete in what was quickly dubbed a “triathlon with a difference.”

Held on the second Sunday of September each year, the Gloucester Mountain Man Tri Challenge is somewhat unique, consisting of a 24 km mountain bike ride along mountain and 4WD roads, creek beds, cattle tracks, rainforest, country roads and open country.

The second leg consists of an 10.7 km kayak paddle down the crystal clear waters of the Barrington River, and the third being an 8.8 km run leg along the scenic Thunderbolts Way and back into the Gloucester District Park.

To shake things up a bit for 2018, and offer something new for people who want to give the challenge a go but don’t want to complete all three legs or as part of a team, organisers have introduced the ‘event within the event’.

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Running alongside the regular 20.4 kilometre mountain bike ride,10.7 km kayak and a 8.8 km run, competitors can sign up for the individual legs.

Known as the Bucketts Ride, the Barrington Paddle and the Gloucester Run, competitors can choose to take part in one of these sections, which will have varied starting time throughout the day.

Humble beginnings

Now in its 27th year, the race can trace it origins to very humble beginnings.

“It was the summer of 1990 and our son Noel, who lived in Brisbane and was an active triathlete, was with us for Christmas Day at the home of Bill and Pat Radford and it was here that the idea was born as we sat gazing across the Gloucester River towards the towns beautiful landmark, the Bucketts Mountain Range,” founding race director Terry Hayes said.

“After a brief moment of silence, Noel suggested we should run a triathlon in Gloucester, using the mountain, the river and the beautiful surrounds to its advantage. Mountain bikes and kayaks were mentioned and so the seed was sown.”

At 8.30 am on Sunday September 9, 1991, the late Dick Guy started the first The Gloucester Mountain Man Triathlon with his legendary shotgun. 

For 2018 the race director – since the year 2000 - is Sam de Witte and the race secretary –from the very beginning - is Wendy Hughes.

The race starts at 8am at the southern end of Boundary Road, where cyclists travel north entering Thunderbolts Way then turning left onto Buckett’s Road until reaching Stanton’s property.

Further information, and course map at: gloucestertrichallenge.com