Gloucester High School year 12 formal assembly 2018 awards presentation

Farewell: The Gloucester High School class of 2018.
Farewell: The Gloucester High School class of 2018.

Gloucester High School held its Year 12 Formal Assembly on Thursday, September 27 in the school hall.

There were laughs, there were tears, but overall the students said goodbye to their high school career with their heads held high.

The following awards were presented to students.

Special Awards:

School Captains: Mia Bowden and Liam Chester

School Vice Captains: William Brown and Nina Samson

Senior SRC:  Andrew Hughes and Laura Dunlop

Shepherd Memorial Prize for Citizenship and Scholarship: Mia Bowden (Donated by the Shaw family in memory of Tom Shepherd who instigated the establishment of GHS)

Caltex Award for the ‘Best All Rounder’: Harrison Clarke (Recognises participation and excellence in academic, leadership, sporting and community service activities)

Reuben F Scarf Award for Commitment: Laura Dunlop (Recognises consistent effort and desire to improve)

GHS Award for Achievement through Motivation and Commitment: Laura Dunlop

GHS Black OPAL Award 2018: Mia Bowden

Gloucester High School Service Award: Nina Samson, Andrew Hughes and Liam Chester

Gloucester High School Service Award

John Tight Memorial Prize for Woodwork: Andrew Hughes (Donated in memory of John Tight, former student of GHS)

Tim Westcott Memorial Award for Drama: Jenna Davis (Demonstrates exemplary commitment to Drama)

Mid Coast Connect Vocation Education and Training (VET) Award: Madalyn Bignell (Presented to the nominee that has displayed excellence in Vocational Education and Training and/or Work Placement throughout the year)

First in Industrial Technology - Timber: Andrew Hughes (Donated by N&F O’Brien Carpentry Pty Ltd)

Second in Industrial Technology - Timber: Georgia Dark (Donated by N&F O’Brien Carpentry Pty Ltd)

Commitment to Music: Nina Samson and Liam Chester

NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge Medal: Andrew Hughes

Derek Kerry Memorial Science Award: Mia Bowden (Demonstrates commitment and understanding of science concepts)

Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award: Georgia Dark

Academic Awards:

Mia Bowden: First in Year 12, First in Chemistry, First in English Advanced, First in English Extension 1, First in Mathematics, First in Mathematics Extension 1, First in Visual Arts and Second in Biology

Laura Dunlop: Equal second in Year 12, First in Biology, First in Legal Studies, Second in Chemistry, Second English Advanced, Second in English Extension 1, Second in Mathematics and Second in Mathematics Extension 1

Tayla Predebon: Equal second in Year 12, First in Business Studies, First in English Standard, First in PDHPE and Second in Mathematics General 2

Olivia Allardice: First in Food Technology, Third in English Standard, Third in Mathematics General 2, Third in PDHPE and Third in Hospitality

Jay-Dee Baxter: Second in Information, Processes and Technology, Third in Software and Design and Development

Madalyn Bignell: First in Agriculture, Second in Hospitality, Second in Primary Industries, Third in Biology and Third in Mathematics

Owen Bithrey: Third in Information, Processes and Technology

William Brown: First in Engineering Studies, Second in Business Studies

Emily Cameron: First in Mathematics General 2, Second in PDHPE, Third in Chemistry and Third in English Advanced

Liam Chester: First in Music, Second in Food Technology, Third in Drama

Harrison Clarke: Second in Music

Tyler Cossar: Third in Ancient History

Molly Danton: Second in Ancient History, Second in English Standard, Second in French and Third in Visual Arts

Georgia Dark: Second in Industrial Technology - Timber, Third in Music

Jenna Davis: First in Ancient History, First in Drama, Second in Legal Studies and Third in English Advanced

Georgie Dial: Second in Earth and Environmental Science

Brody Dougherty: Third in Industrial Technology – Timber

The assembly marked the last day of school for students before embarking on their HSC exams.

Harley Gawthorpe: Second in Mathematics General 1

Nathan Hall: First in Software, Design and Development

Jakara Henley: First in Hospitality and Third in Food Technology

Hunter Hodge: Third in Business Studies

Andrew Hughes: First in Industrial Technology – Timber

Samantha Jones: Second in Exploring Early Childhood

Emily Kerins: Second in Community and Family Studies

Cody Longbottom: First in English Studies

Sophie Middlebrook: First in French and Second in Drama

Bridghid Nolan: First in Earth and Environmental Science

Khya Papalia: First in Community and Family Studies

Nina Samson: Second in Visual Arts

Kieran Schneider: Third in Primary Industries and Third in Agriculture

Jordyn Snape: First in Primary Industries and Second in Agriculture

Emily Tonks: First in Exploring Early Childhood, Third in Community and Family Studies, Third in English Studies and Third in Mathematics General 1

Cameron Welch: First in Information, Processes and Technology, First in Mathematics General 1, Second in English Studies and Second in Software, Design and Development