Gloucester Environment Group plant 200 tube stock on Bucketts Road for koalas

Feed our koalas: Gloucester Environment Group members plant trees to bridge the space between koala habitat.

Feed our koalas: Gloucester Environment Group members plant trees to bridge the space between koala habitat.

Koalas are one of the great assets of our beautiful Mid-North Coast, but they are under serious threat from habitat removal. The Gloucester Environment Group recently decided to find areas in and around Gloucester where the process of koala habitat restoration could begin.

The group recently carried out its first tree planting for koalas when nearly 200 tube stock were planted on a property on Bucketts Road. Eleven members of the team came equipped with their favourite planting tools and planted, watered and placed guards around the saplings. They were hoping for rain which fortunately fell in the following days. This will provide the best conditions for growth before the really hot weather sets in.

A mixture of gum trees, wattles, bottlebrush and other small trees and shrubs were planted. The smaller plants grow quickly and provide understorey to help shelter the slower growing trees. They also provide habitat for small creatures like little birds, skinks and insects that help control attacks by insects such as Christmas beetles. The seedlings will take some time to mature. Meanwhile it is vitally important all existing bushland areas used by koalas and other wildlife are preserved.

This project, which has begun with some Midcoast Council support, is designed to plant gum trees known to be used by koalas for foraging or sleeping during the day, on private property and council reserves. Any landowner who would like to improve tree cover for koalas is invited to get in touch to talk about planting. This can either be in wide strips along fence lines, to in-fill scattered trees along creek lines, or provide connecting corridors between existing trees.

The Gloucester Environment Group aims to improve the local environment by working on riverbank regeneration, and other community environmental activities, and to encourage appreciation of nature with our monthly bushwalks. For more information about the group contact Di Montague on 6558 2598, email: or Penny Drake-Brockman on 0468 355 236 email: