#Kids Off Nauru campaign by Rural Australians for Refugees groups

Great Lakes Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR) co-ordinator Margaret Gardner says there is “continued local support for the removal of children and adults needing medical care from Manus Island.”

Taree and Great Lakes RAR members have attended public awareness meetings in support of the #Kids Off Nauru campaign.

Mrs Gardner said the groups were backing the call from national president, Marie Sellstrom who has stated: "It is time for politicians to re-think their stand on children, women and men in onshore and offshore detention.

"They need to forget their political differences and support the Asylum Seeker Medical Bill to be put before federal parliament next week. Until now it is only the crossbenchers' who are showing the leadership and commitment to justice that Australians expect."

The crossbenchers' Urgent Medical Treatment Bill, expected to go before parliament next week is the first real chance in years to transfer ill people off Nauru and Manus Island to Australia, Mrs Sellstrom said.

Taree and Great Lakes RAR members have attended vigils in support of the #Kids Off Nauru campaign.

Taree and Great Lakes RAR members have attended vigils in support of the #Kids Off Nauru campaign.

"Australians want a society which is just, tolerant and welcoming where innocent children are not held on isolated islands or Australian detention centres deprived of the joys of childhood.

“We want leaders who do not punish men, women and children for seeking our protection and failing to show a duty of care to people who are suffering physical and mental illness."

RAR members have been holding vigils in rural towns and cities throughout Australia in support of the #Kids Off Nauru Campaign. Many medical professionals and faith groups support this call.

Ms Sellstrom said that a number of RAR members visit people in detention centres at Villawood and Broadmeadows and are gravely concerned for their welfare.

"Twelve children and their families are still on Nauru we want them all off and also the men and women who require urgent medical attention."

Rural Australians for Refugees urge federal politicians to demonstrate “unity not division, compassion not cruelty, fairness not favouritism, wisdom not slogans, leadership not populism”.