Barrington Public School 2018 presentation night

Barrington Public School celebrated its students achievements for the 2018 school year at its annual presentation night.

Family and friends gathered together at the Gloucester Soldiers Club auditorium on Tuesday December 11 for a bit of entertainment and presentation of the school’s major awards.

Award recipients for 2018 are:

DUX of the School 2018: Charli Macdonald and Lucas Pope 

Citizenship award - Renee Carr;

CWA achievement award – Hamish Laurie;

Pam Dew Memorial Award for Excellent in Literacy – Lucas Pope; 

Annie Laurie Award for Achievement in Science – Kaitlyn Commons;

Maths award – Charli Macdonald;

Marilyn Young Award for Senior Sportsperson of the year – Dean Germon and NSW Premier’s Sporting Medal – Kaitlyn Commons;

Class Encouragement awards – Saige Patridge (Kindergarten), Oliver Laurie (year 1/2), Nathaniel Graham (year 3/4) and Emma Woods (year 5/6);