2018 Wingham Summertime Rodeo

The heat didn’t deter the crowds at the 2018 Wingham Summertime Rodeo.

A record attendance of 6000 people, created one of the Manning Valley’s biggest spectator events, recently held on January 6, at Wingham Showground.

Perhaps it was the warmer weather this year which encouraged more spectators, but they soon filled the event to capacity with the main gates forced to close at around 6pm.

A record number of more than 360 talented riders from throughout NSW put their bodies on the line to see who could holdfast the longest, making for adrenaline pumping entertainment.

Spectators enjoyed a full range of rodeo events including bull riding, saddle and bare bronc riding,  barrel racing, steer undecorating, steer wrestling, and breakaway roping.

The Wingham Show Society is celebrating the great turn out and by all accounts the program ran smoothly.

A security and police presence helped ensure a well behaved crowd. And it wasn’t all competition, with some less intense entertainment including the famous Rodeo Clown Big Al Wilson, proving to be a real crowd pleaser with the children.

Rodeo steward, Carl Shubert penned a special thank you message to all concerned:

“Well that’s a wrap for the Wingham Summertime Rodeo for 2018. We had a great night and hope everyone enjoyed the show.

Our 2018 Wingham Summertime Rodeo would not have been possible without the help from all those who made it the success that it was.

Firstly, a massive thanks to Michael Clarke and Diana Brown, and my rodeo secretary Raelene Marshall, I don’t know where I’d be without your dedication, support and guidance.

Not only over the last few months, but the last couple of years as well.

A big thanks to all the stock contractors, arena staff, backyard workers, judges, chute bosses, protection clowns, pick up men, time keepers, pencillers, the ladies in the pay office, and everyone who helped out before, during and after the rodeo. I appreciate each and every one of you guys and girls and your hard work and dedication in the heat and the dust all day yesterday (Saturday).

To the record 360+ competitors who entered up, at one of the busiest times of the year for rodeos, a huge thanks goes to you also. All you cowboys and cowgirls are what makes the rodeo what it is and I wish you the best of luck and safe travels for the rest of the season and beyond.

And last but not least, a big thanks to approximately 6000 spectators who turned out to see the action. Whether it was your first rodeo or your 101st, I hope that the memories of this year’s Wingham Summertime Rodeo stay with you for many years to come. We hope to see you all back next year.

Cheers, and all the best for 2018!”