Gloucester Public School's 2019 swimming carnival

It was a big day at Gloucester pool on Friday February 8 with the students from Gloucester Public School taking part in the annual swimming carnival.

Swimmers came out in droves for a chance to swim for a ribbon and points for their house.

There was a splash of colour to match the splash made in the pool as the students from year three through to six took part in as many races as they wanted to.

Some were in it for fun, helping to gain valuable points toward their house tally, while others were looking to make it into the regional zone competition.

The weather was hot, making it a good day to be at the pool, however things turned a little dark in the sky  near the end of the afternoon, causing the school to end the event a little early.


Senior Boys

50m Backstroke: 1st Sam Collie, 2nd Jackson Moore, 3rd Codie Hardy

50m Breaststroke: 1st Jackson Moore, 2nd Joseph Hogan, 3rd Sam Collie

50m Butterfly: 1st Jackson Moore, 2nd Jacob Edwards, 3rd Codie Hardy

200m IM: 1st Jackson Moore, 2nd Sam Collie, 3rd Jacob Edwards

100m Freestyle: 1st Jackson Moore, 2nd Sam Collie, 3rd Jacob Edwards

12 Years 50m Freestyle:  1st Jackson Moore, 2nd Sam Collie, 3rd Rhys Summerville

Champion: Jackson Moore Runner Up: Sam Collie

Senior Girls

50m Backstroke: 1st Olivia Kearney, 2nd Ruby Bradbury, 3rd Lilli Zycki

50m Breaststroke: 1st Olivia Kearney, 2nd Ruby Bradbury, 3rd ​Lilli Zycki

50m Butterfly: 1st Olivia Kearney, 2nd Ruby Tonks

200m IM: 1st Olivia Kearney, 2nd Ruby Tonks

100m Freestyle: 1st Olivia Kearney, 2nd Ruby Tonks

12 Years 50m Freestyle: 1st Olivia Kearney, 2nd Ruby Tonks, 3rd Ruby Bradbury

Champion: Olivia Kearney Runner Up: Ruby Tonks

11yrs  Boys

50m Backstroke: 1st Cody Sparke, 2nd Andrew Fraser, 3rd Jethro Llewellyn

50m Breaststroke: 1st Cody Sparke, 2nd Mitchell Whitby, 3rd Jethro Llewellyn

50m Butterfly: 1st Cody Sparke

11 Years 50m Freestyle: 1st Mitchell Whitby, 2nd Cody Sparke, 3rd Phineas Hester

Champion: Cody Sparke Runner Up: Mitchell Whitby

11yrs  Girls

50m Backstroke: 1st Emma Bignell, 2nd Georgia Ellis, 3rd Matilda Dillon

50m Breaststroke: 1st Emma Bignell, 2nd Bianca Jackson, 3rd Matilda Dillon

11 Years 50m Freestyle: 1st Emma Bignell, 2nd Jessica Higgins, 3rd Georgia Ellis

Champion: Emma Bignell Runner Up: Georgia Ellis

Junior  Boys

50m Backstroke: 1st Riley Schafer, 2nd Nicholas Maggs, 3rd Christopher Bolton

50m Breaststroke: 1st Riley Schafer, 2nd Christopher Bolton, 3rd Albie Cameron

50m Butterfly: 1st Riley Schafer, 2nd Nicholas Maggs

200m IM: 1st Riley Schafer

100m Freestyle: 1st Albie Cameron, 2nd Riley Schafer

9 Years 50m Freestyle: 1st Christopher Bolton, 2nd Bradley Higgins, 3rd Toby Warwick

10 Years 50m Freestyle: 1st Albie Cameron, 2nd Riley Schafer, 3rd Nicholas Maggs

Champion: Riley Schafer Runner Up: Albie Cameron

Junior  Girls

50m Backstroke: 1st Jessica Marchant, 2nd Olivia Wade, 3rd Mackenzie Young

50m Breaststroke: 1st Jessica Marchant, 2nd Marley Young, 3rd Olivia Wade

50m Butterfly: 1st Olivia Wade, 2nd Alicia Edwards, 3rd Jessica Marchant

200m IM: 1st Alicia Edwards, 2nd Jessica Marchant

100m Freestyle: 1st Olivia Wade, 2nd Alicia Edwards, 3rd Jessica Marchant

9 Years 50m Freestyle: 1st Rahni Coulton, 2nd Olivia Wade, 3rd Holly Davies

10 Years 50m Freestyle: 1st Marley Young, 2nd Charlotte Todd, 3rd Jessica Marchant

Champion: Olivia Wade Champion: Jessica Marchant 

Champion House:  Parkes