Gloucester Scorpions 2019 soccer season kicks off this weekend

Gloucester Soccer Club's young players get into the action during last year's competition at Gloucester District Park.
Gloucester Soccer Club's young players get into the action during last year's competition at Gloucester District Park.

It's time to lace up your boots, soccer season is upon us.

Gloucester Scorpions Soccer Club kicks off its season starts this weekend with the first session of trial games starting at 9am Saturday March 23 at the soccer fields in Gloucester District Park. The second session of trials will continues the following weekend at 9am on Saturday March 30.

The club would like to say a big thank you to our 2019 major sponsors - Bucketts Building Supplies, Gloucester BlueLight, Gloucester Community Shop, Gloucester Soldiers Club and Drifta

Teams for this weekends trial games are:

Division 4: (9am - training, 9.30am - games)

Team 1 (White) - Max Dellsperger, Harry Wamsley, Flyn Garner, Ivy Gambrill, Ella Gambrill, Ryan Stanton

Team 2 (Dark Blue) - Peter Clinch, Dane Laurie, Lily Blanch, River Cowley, Roy Fisher, Fletcher Compton

Team 3 (Light Blue)- Ewan Sheely, Finley Osborne, Jake Harris, Sebastian House, Jesse Reyes, Abigail Hayman

Team 4 (Green)- Toby Hawdon, Lennard Swilks, William Coombe, Oscar Campbell, Cooper Walker, Patrick Doolan

Division 3:

9am Team 1 (Royal Blue) - Bradley Higgins, Eli Stuckings, Charlie Bignell, Jack Fisher Webster, Chloe Campbell, Justin Boorer

9am Team 2 (Navy) - Toby Warwick, Charlie Coombe, Hunter McKinley, Beau Laurie, Joshua Stanton

9.45am Team 3 (Red) - Hudson Wade, Ajay Jolliffe, Taj Smith, Bohdi Harrison, Lincoln Nosworthy

9.45am Team 4 (White) - Alexander Terras, Lucas Reyes, Hunter Brownlee, Maisie Humfrey, Aidan Blows

Division 2:

9am Team 1 (Green) - Ruben Hutchins, Jesse Ashby, Melia Humfrey, Maya Smith, Blake Walker, Jack Jolliffe

9am Team 2 (Maroon) - Thomas Coombe, Bohdi Ashby, Rubi-Roze Tull, Hayley Fisher-Webster, Drew Gorton, Logan Gambrill

10am Team 3 (Red) - Shannon Atkins, Cooper Gunn, Mia Tresidder, Felicity Holstein, Albie Cameron, Rory Gambrill

10am Team 4 (Dark Blue) - Riley Marsh, Seth Toohill-Sargent, Georgia Hughes, Hayley Green-Crook, Jackson Bandy, Alicia Edwards

Division 1:

9am Team 1 - James Terras, Audrey Holstein, Olivia Marsh, Hayden Schultz, Kyle Atkins, Jacob Danton, Felicity Holstein, Cameron Badham, Dylan Schultz

9am Team 2 - Luke Blanch, Nicholas Blows, Will Bandy, Sam Ballantine, Baily Ballantine, Emily Marsh, Paula Edwards, Samuel Rose, Billy Dulihanty

Please bear in mind we are still getting registrations so the teams will change over the coming weeks.

Referees needed:

As in previous years, to help our Saturdays run smoothly we will need junior/parent referees this year, we will be running a training session for any junior or parent who would like to help out by refereeing. The training session will be held on Saturday March 30 after the games in the club room, this is to help our juniors and parents to become more confident out in the centre.

Last year the week before the grand finals, we donated the canteen takings for the day to drought stricken farmers, that Saturday we made $601.05 which was donated to Aussie Helpers.

Registrations are open so please make sure you log onto the soccer club website and register your kids. and click on register. Make sure you have your Active Kids Voucher!