Stroud's water restrictions in place, Gloucester's have been suspended

Rain needed: Stroud remains on Very High water restrictions, with the long term forecast uncertain.
Rain needed: Stroud remains on Very High water restrictions, with the long term forecast uncertain.

MidCoast Council is varying water restrictions levels across the region as inconsistent weather conditions impact on water supply catchments.

Reasonable rainfall in the Manning catchment means that water restrictions have been suspended in the Manning and Great Lakes water supply areas, along with Gloucester.

Restrictions have also ended for Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens.

Water restrictions remain in force for Bulahdelah, Stroud or Stroud Road.

Bulahdelah remains on moderate water restrictions as rainfall has been sporadic and the town's water storage is unable to be replenished.

Stroud continues on very high restrictions, although recent rainfall was welcome and has permitted some pumping into the town's off-stream storage. Follow-up rain is required before restrictions can be relaxed.

"The situation in Stroud remains a concern, and we are urging residents of both Stroud and Stroud Road to conserve water, and continue to adhere to the Very High restrictions that are currently in place," council's director of Water Services, Brendan Guiney said.

"The same message applies for residents of Bulahdelah, who need to continue to follow moderate water restrictions."

The drought is not over yet, and right across the Mid Coast, the forecast is uncertain.

"For the Manning, Gloucester, and Great Lakes coastal regions, we're urging people to continue to be water-wise and follow the summer water saving program, as water restrictions could be reintroduced if the sustained dry autumn that has been predicted eventuates.

"We thank all residents for their cooperation, monitoring of daily usage figures shows significant drops in water usage across most supplies, and that's been achieved by the efforts of most residents to follow water restrictions," Mr Guiney said.

You can find out more about the current water restrictions that apply to your town, and access a range of summer water saving tips, at