Gloucester Public School's Easter Hat Parade

Church Street came to life in the spirit of Easter when the Gloucester Public School students proudly paraded their homemade hats past the shopfronts.

Every year the students from kindergarten to year two spend time cutting, pasting and decorating a colourful festive Easter hat for the much anticipated event.

Each class makes a hat based on its own theme, and this year there was plenty of glitz and glamour to catch your eye as they passed by.

Eager to snap a photo or take a video, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends lined Church Street just before 10am on Friday morning (April 12) for the annual Easter Hat Parade.

Visitors to town may have wondered why so many people were lingering on the main street, but all became apparent when class by class the students walked one side of the street from Hume to Queen and back down the other side.

The students were able to experience the life of a famous person with the paparazzi-type camera action taking place everywhere they went.

The event marked the final day of the first school term, with students about to head off on two weeks holiday.

As Easter holidays are one of Gloucester's busiest tourist times of the year, the students and teachers gave all the visitors something a little extra to remember Gloucester by.