Results from the Gloucester Bowling Club

Thursday saw a good field with most players wanting pennant practice and results were, Terry Higgins, Vic Hebblewhite,Jim McIntosh defeated Kevin Burley, Graham Turnbull, Alec Laurie 18-15. Lu Urby, Charlie Faulkner def Kevin Everett, George Wisemantel 24-20, John Andrews, Neville Atkins, Terry Carson def Andrew Henderson, Bob Charman, Paul Sheridan 22-15, Tony Tersteeg, John West, Clive Redman def Rob Heiniger, Mike Sheely, James Davidson 21-11, Nico Duynhoven, Terry Davies, Col Beattie def Peter Sansom, Bob Crittenden, Joe Holstein 32-17. Saturday winners were Judy Sheely, Di Lockwood and Neville and Colleen Atkins.

Division three pennants jumped away to a massive lead against Pacific Palms and did a Winx to hang on 89-51 on the master board. Kevin Everett's boys won 40-17, Kevin Burley and co won 27-16, Terry Higgins team hung on to win 22-18.

Division six lost 70 - 49 with Linton and Cassidy's teams losing 18-14 and 32-14 but Hebby's hasslers sneaked home 21-20. Major singles matches on Sunday saw Terry Davies def Terry Higgins 28-11, Lu Urby def Phil Groves 31-25, Kevin Burley def Nico Duynhoven 31-20, John Andrews def Gary Moss 31-14, Bruce Wilson def Mathew Higgins 31-25, Col Linton def Mike Sheely 31-12 Col Hebblewhite def Mark Groves 31-28, Bob Jones def Peter Jones 31-20, Gary Spokes def Rob Heiniger 31-29, Alec Laurie def Terry Carson 31-23, Aaron Kelly def Kevin Everett 31-13.

The next round will be 28 April with barefoot mufti bowls played on Friday 19 April. Happy Easter and good bowling.


Last week the ladies played three social games on the grass green. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how the speed of the green is improving, which makes playing a lot easier - thanks to Alex and his helpers on a great effort. On Thursday, the grade 4 pennants ladies played an away match at Forster. The weather was lovely for bowls, no wind and a very pleasant temperature. Both teams played really well, with Jill Everett's team coming in with a draw (21 all) and Jean Holstein's team just losing (25-20), giving Forster an overall win of 46-41. There are two more pennants matches next week, so good luck and hoping for a win this time.