Stroud to immortalise Australian explorer in lavish event

Image of Rear Admiral Phillip Parker King supplied.

Image of Rear Admiral Phillip Parker King supplied.

Stroud resident Jonathan King is looking to immortalise his distant relative, Australian explorer Rear Admiral Phillip Parker King at a lavish affair.

Complete with period costume drama and a brass band, Johnathan is holding an unveiling of a memorial to his great great grandfather in recognition of his service to Australia. The Royal Australian Navy describe King as "the first and for years the only Australian-born person to attain eminence in the world outside the Australian colonies."

Rear Admiral King, who lived from December 13, 1791 to February 26, 1856, was appointed to explore the Australian coastline to consolidate the earlier work of Matthew Flinders. Taking part in four expeditions between 1817 and 1822, he made significant contributions to Australian exploration.

In 1839, King was appointed commissioner of the Australian Agricultural Company after having been on the original advisory committee when the company was formed in 1824. As the company has a deep connection to Stroud, being its second company town established in 1827, the memorial is being erected at Saint John the Evangelist Anglican Church on Cowper Street.

Johnathan will be playing the part of his relative in a costume drama that will take place on Thursday, May 2 from 11am at Stroud House, 42 Cowper Street. Stroud House was developed as a residence for the AA Co's superintendents, and according to Johnathan was Rear Admiral King's residence. After the performance, the marble memorial will be unveiled at the church.