Gloucester Soccer Club weekly results

Drifta 16s - Josh Anniwell gets his foot on the ball with teammate Kayden Schumann supporting in the wings.
Drifta 16s - Josh Anniwell gets his foot on the ball with teammate Kayden Schumann supporting in the wings.

Drifta too strong for Jets

An unfortunate own goal by Cundletown Jets in the opening minutes against Drifta 16's on Saturday 11th May by a deflection from a corner had them on their toes straight away in a fight to reclaim the goal back, but with Kayden Schumann, returning this week from injury fought hard up front with numerous attacks and solo runs, brought the keeper out, corralled the defensive line and snuck around behind them and tapped it into the back of the net. Harrison Edwards, Josh Anniwell and Kelly Groves supported each other up front and provided plenty of action in front of goals. A low hard shot from outside the box from Cody Howard provided Drifta with a comfortable 3-0 lead at half time.

Hayden Reid surprisingly donned the goalie jersey for the second half after an injury earlier in the game in a tough tackle with a Jets player, while Lane Edwards had a brilliant defensive game replacing Hayden in the right full back position. Aiden Coombes had one of his best games yet, scoring two brilliant consecutive goals, while centre defensive player Isaac McClure attempted a long shot at goals from near halfway. Taking possession from a Jets corner kick, Aiden Hawkins had a great solo run up the park, crossed and connected to Sam Leimgruber who scored a spectacular goal, and followed up with another shortly after. With the windy conditions hampering the direction of the ball, Drifta possibly could have added to their score, but came away with an emphatic 7-0 win.

Next week Drifta have a bye and return to the field 11.20am Saturday 25th at Gloucester against Halliday's Point.

CRT 13's victorious over Tigers

This week we played the mighty Taree Tigers at home, The scorpions came out and from the start had Taree on the back foot but our passing was letting us down, our backs Ryan, Jess and Jacob were on fire keeping the score to nil all at half time. I had a little word to the team at half time and we came out in the second half and our passes were finding our players. Mitch passed to Joseph who put the ball through to Nick who went around the defender and put the ball into the back of the net. Scorpions up 1/0. Harvey, Sam, Parker and Jake were applying lots of pressure, which picked us up a corner. Nick passed it to Alex and then to Jack who was in the open and kicked the ball high into the net from 18 yards out.

The Scorpions tamed the tigers and won 2/0. Well done team.

Harry Clarke

Harry Clarke

Gloucester Soldiers Seniors

Gloucester Soldiers Men's met Hallidays Point Barracudas at home in windy conditions this week on Saturday May 11 and welcomed young newcomers, Harrison Clarke and Dylan Schultz. Halliday's came out strong and scored within the first few minutes, followed by their free kick outside the 18 yard box, that was headed around in front of goals and snuck one in. Young guns Harrison Clarke and Owen Tomlinson worked tirelessly up front with some fast footwork only to have been thwarted by Halliday's defensive line and the wind hampering the direction of the ball. Just before the half time whistle Halliday's snuck another one in, only to be overturned by an offside runaway.

Jim Bird stepped into the goalie position for the second half and had plenty of action, along with Andrew Hughes, Beau Boyd and Lukas Delsperger in the defensive line. Halliday's came out on top for the day with a 4-0 win.

Gloucester Soldiers Men's travel to Landsdowne next week kicking off at 1pm against Landsdowne Lions.

Gloucester competition

Calco Surveyors Division 4

Ollies Service Centre v Gloucester Community Shop: Great sportsmanship by both teams, they are all slowly learning the rules and enjoying themselves immensely.

Gloucester Home Improvement Services v Bucketts Building Supplies: A great game played with good sportsmanship and enthusiasm, it was a hard fought game.

Barrington Trophies v Darrels Gourmet Butchery: A wonderful game with all Barrington Trophies layers turning up to play. Lots of goals were scored by both teams with lots of fun had. Darrels Butchery played with great enthusiasm and teamwork shown by all players. Well done gold!

Bucketts Building Supplies Division 3

Community shop vs Gloucester BlueLight: Bluelight tried hard all game with a shortage of players still managed to score 5 goals with all players having a go at goal keeper. Community shop with a win over BlueLight ! Justin Boorer scoring 8 goals, Chris Bolton 2 and Ajay Jolliffe and Jarrod plater 1 each. Beau Laurie, Mackenzie Young fantastic defence and Joshua Stanton great at goal keeper. Final score 12-5

Gloss-Ter Carwash vs Water and Tipper: Carwash good, fair, even game. Amos played well in defence with Brodie and Bradley in attack! Water and Tipper- great game today good teamwork in defence and attack! Gloucester Carwash with the win! 6-5

Gloucester Medico vs Annie McKee. Gloucester Medico- A good game by all! However team needs to pass the ball! Eli played his heart out! And always in a better position for the ball. Heidi played very well and her defence is outstanding!! The game was played in good spirits and everyone had fun! Annie McKee-what a great game to watch! Game was very close! Well played Taj and Bodhi! Charlie played well too! Final score 6 all draw

Gloucester Community Shop Division 2

What a great start to the weekend with three energetic and exciting matches. We would like to thank Jake Danton and Chloe Garnham for refereeing two of our matches.

Avon Valley Concreting vs Woolworths Gloucester: We had two very strong front runners in this game Asher Baker from Avon Valley Concreting who ended four goals and Bradley Rayner from Woolworths Gloucester with four goals also. As a new parent to soccer I was overwhelmed by the level of effort of every kid on both teams. There were brilliant saves from Blake Walker and Jarrah Wilson, with great defensive support from Felicity Holstein and Thomas Maggs who also grabbed two goals. With great efforts from Hayley Green-Cook, Georgia Hughes and Emily George who didn't stop giving 100% all game. I am very excited to see what the next round brings for both teams. Final score 6 - 4.

Gloucester Soldiers Club vs Gloucester Tax and Accounting: Despite Gloucester Soldiers Club being down a couple of players there was brilliant attacking by Matthew Woods and great goal saving by Phineas Hester which kept Gloucester Tax and Accounting on their toes. Two shots by Nick Maggs hit the wood work and robbed the Gloucester Soldiers Club of two certain goals. With Matthew Woods landing one goal and a penalty kick by Nick was not enough to claw back Gloucester Tax's Ruben Hutchins 4 goals. A great game. Final score 2 - 4.

Gloucester Bluelight vs Gloucester Community Shop: The last game of the day was another great 50 minutes of soccer. Shannon Atkins spent his time both with several attempts at scoring goals in the first half and saving goals through the second half. Maya Smith had a great game constantly in the thick of it with Melia Humphrey while Andrew Fraser landed the single goal for Gloucester Bluelight. There was one goal each for Riley Marsh, Thomas Coombe and Rory Gambrill. Hayley Fisher-Webster was great in defence fearlessly clearing the ball out on many occasions and Tamika Smiths determination to run for every ball contest saw the final score 1 - 3.

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Gloucester Bluelight Division 1

Gloucester Community Shop v Autolec: It was a great start to the season from both teams, good teamwork from Community shop, Autolec worked well encouraging the younger players, Nicholas Blows and Kaito Sutton were exceptional up the front and Emily and Olivia Marsh played well in defence. Paula Edwards played well in goas as usual. Final score 9 - 5 to Autolec

Bucketts Building Supplies v Accommodation Gloucester: It was a well balanced game, both teams playing well together. Good team work was shown. It was a very entertaining game, Bucketts Buildings Cameron Badham was strong in goals, Lynelle Hester was very strong in defence, James McLeods attaching skills were sensational! Accommodation Gloucester were communicating well, all players playing well in their positions, some serious attempts at goal with a lot of accuracy, some good saves by Tonksy ! The score did not reflect the quality and evenness of the game. Excellent game everyone. Final score 7 - 2 to Accommodation Gloucester.