Gloucester Scorpions Soccer Club weekly report

Gloucester Soccer Clubs Drifta 16's team. Photo supplied
Gloucester Soccer Clubs Drifta 16's team. Photo supplied


Our 16's soccer team started out strong in attack with two quick goals in the opening minutes, one each for Sam Leimgruber and Kelly Groves on Saturday May 25 against the Halliday's Point Barracudas. Drifta remained the dominant team throughout the duration of the first half, with Aiden Hawkins, Cody Howard and Aiden Coombes keeping possession of the ball up front and providing the Barracudas keeper plenty of action. Kayden Schumann added to the scoreline, while Beau Blanch followed on, shortly after receiving a rebounded attempt from Cody Howard, bringing the half time score to 4-0.

Barracudas returned to the field and retaliated, firing a few strong shots at Isaac Earle-Broadley in goals, while their backline ramped up their defensive line making some strong tackles on Josh Anniwell on his way to goals. Aiden Coombes had a great solo sprint only to have his attempt hit the post, but then rebounded to Beau Blanch to claim Drifta's last goal, with a 5-0 win, Drifta now climb the ladder to third position.

Drifta travel to Cundletown on Saturday June 1 to clash with the Jets at 11.40am.

Jim Bird's fancy footwork during the Gloucester men's game against he Cundletown Jets. Photo supplied.

Jim Bird's fancy footwork during the Gloucester men's game against he Cundletown Jets. Photo supplied.

Men's Soldiers Club

The men's team battled it out in an unusually hot Saturday afternoon at Gloucester against the Cundletown Jets, with the Jets surprising them by bagging two quick goals in the opening minutes. The Soldiers Club ramped up their attacking and brought the half time score to 2-2 with Owen Tomlinson and Frank Ostlund both claiming a goal each.

An unfortunate handball inside the box created a penalty, though Daniel Hughes in goals, was quick to deflect it away. Some great though balls from midfielders Geoff Hawkins, Lukas Delsperger and Sam Mundy provided great opportunities for Harry Clarke and Jim Bird to go one on one with the Jets keeper only to have their attempts shut down. The second half remained scoreless despite both teams having a plethora of opportunities, with the score remaining 2-2.

Next Saturday June 1 Soldiers Club Men's kick off at 3pm at Wingham against the Warriors.

CRT 13's

This week we played at home against Great Lakes Warriors and we had a couple of our team members away. This didn't phase us any, our defence line and Lock, our goalie rallied well and at half time the score was nil all.

We came back out in the second half and with a couple of position changers our front line with Jack, Joseph, Parker and Jake dominated the play and with assistance from Mitch, Oliver and Cody had several attempts at goal, But we just couldn't capitalize , the end score was a draw, well done team.

Division 3

Community Shop vs CarWash- CarWash great save by Charlie in goal good defence by Maisie and Hudson, Brodie attacked well and good goal from Bradley. Community Shop had great game so good to see such progressive team work! Community Shop 7 Carwash 1

BlueLight vs Medico - BlueLight- well done Alex! BlueLight is starting to play well as a team. Medico- more passing this week which is a good sign Eli playing well in goal Charlie playing great up front! Jacob is playing better every week! A much better team performance. BlueLight 8 Medico 7

Water & Tipper vs Annie McKee - Water & Tipper awesome game, a great win for the team. Great defence in goals and a strong attack. Annie McKee good game all play defensive one goal from Linc a few goals saved from Aiden and Bodhi final score Water & Tipper 8 Annie McKee 1

Division 1

Gloucester Community Shop v Bucketts Building Supplies - A good competitive game, the first half was closely fought. The scores locked at 2 all at half time. until Community Shop took control with a late scoring frenzy by Baily Ballantine. Emily Garnham was strong all game in defence and attach along with Jyah Bowden, Billy Dulihanty and Jack Yarnold. Final score 7 - 2.

Autolec v Accommodation Gloucester - A couple of early saves by Tonksy, Accommodation Gloucester having a great game, everyone showing off their ball skills, Autolecs' Sam Ballantine had a few big runs down the ground, with not everyone turning up for games it is making Autolecs game days difficult. Final score 12 - 2 to Accommodation Gloucester

Division 2

Big thank you to our three referees this week, Jake Danton, Emily Garnham and Emily Marsh.

Gloucester Community Shop vs Gloucester Tax and Accounting - Today started off with a very tough game between the two teams, even with one team being short. There were many tussles between Ruben Hutchins and Thomas Coombe providing some great play for the spectators. Riley Marsh was also heavily in the mix, challenging for the ball and landing a goal. Mia Hardy was great in goal for most of the game with only 1 goal being landed by Ruben Hutchins for Gloucester Tax and Accounting. Alicia Edwards played very well in the mid field not slowing down all game. Rory Gambrill scored 1 goal and Thomas Coombe scored 3 for Gloucester Community Shop making the final score 5 - 1.

Gloucester Bluelight vs Avon Valley Concreting - Jack Joliffe was solid in defence during the first half and followed up with great goal keeping skills in the second half. Emily George in return did a great job in defence for Avon Valley Concreting with some great saves. Shannon Atkins worked tirelessly for the entire game in the mid field role. Andrew Fraser scored 2 goals for Gloucester Bluelight with a further goal each for Shannon Atkins, Hugo Laurie and Albie Cameron. Maya Smith worked tirelessly all game with only one goal being landed by Asher Baker for Avon Valley Concreting making the final score 5 - 1.

Gloucester Woolworths vs Gloucester Soldiers Club - The third game of the day ended up being a hot one. Nick Maggs and Matthew Woods played very well together for Gloucester Soldiers Club scoring 7 goals between them. They were up against Georgia Hughes who worked hard in defence regularly clearing out the ball with a giant boot back down the field. Hayley Crook-Green moved into goal in the second half after spending the first half of the game in a very active mid field role. Great play from Xavier Soupidis with heavy pressure on the other team and many goal attempts unfortunately not getting any past the goal keepers. Conner Garnham made some fantastic saves in goal at the end of the second half. Both Phineas Hester and Logan Gambrill picked up the heat in the second half with some great passes and continual defence. Extra goals by Logan Gambrill and Samuel Ellis ended the game at 0 - 9.

Division 4

Bucketts Building v Gloucester Community Shop - A great game by all players. Lots of improvement seen this week. Bodhi and Ewan kept the ball moving towards the goals. Matthew Finley and Sebastian showed great improvement in defence. Chloe was a great all rounder this week helping keep the ball moving. Well done everyone.