Gloucester Junior Hockey Cook Park report

Cook Park competition

Blue vs Green: A very good game with green taking control and scoring two goals early by Matthew Woods. Brodie Baker then scored just on half time to lead three nil. In the second half Jarrah Wilson scored followed by Brodie Baker scored again, taking the score to 4-1. Brodie then helped the Blues to keep the score down, he then scored for Blues with the game ending on 4-2. Melody Maslen playing her first game was outstanding, Katie Beggs played consistent with Matthew Woods very strong.

Goal scorers Green: M.Woods 2 B.Baker 1. Blue: J.Wilson 1 B.Baker 1. B&F points M. Maslen 3, K.Beggs 2, M. Woods 1. C.Bolton 3, Jali Wilson 2, O.Laurie 1.

Dragons vs Mt Mooney: The game got away from the Dragons and Mt Mooney setting the pace. Asher Baker and Thomas Coombe were very hard to handle and scored 7 goals between them. Dragons were without their captain Amy Fry. The game finished 9 goals to 3.

Goal scorers Mt Mooney: Asher Baker 4, Thomas Coombe 3, Ruby Tonks 2. Dragons goals Jarrah Baker 1, Asher Baker 2. B&F points T.Coombe 3, R.Tonks 2, A. Baker 1. Reannah Yates 3, J.Baker 2, Bianca Jackson 1.

16's: Denell Transport vs Panthers: A very good game with lots of goals and good defence at times. Dean Germon played well for Denell Tpt while Travis Sansom stood out for the Panthers.

Goal scorers Denell Tpt: D.Germon 4, Miranda Yates 2, Jackson Moore 1, Toreen Denyer 1. Panthers: Travis Sansom 3 goals, Ryan Beggs 1. B&F points: M.Yates 3, K.Commons 2, H.Laurie 1. C. MacDonald 3, E.Beggs 2, B.Murray 1.

Jason Collins Tpt vs Wildcats: Another high scoring game which finished 8 goals to 5 to Jason Collins Tpt. Daphne Wilkes played well for Wildcats and Aston Wisely had a good game for JCT.

Goal scorers JCT Aston Wisely 4, Zane Commons 3, Lachlan Sansom 1. Wildcats Nick Maslen 4, Sam Ellis 1. B&F points: L.Sansom 3, A.Wisely 2, Z.Commons 1. J.Blanch 3, D.Wilkes 2, N.Maslen 1.