Have your say about MidCoast Council's 2019/20 proposed fees and charges

Gloucester cemetery on MidCoast Council's list for proposed fee rise for next financial year.
Gloucester cemetery on MidCoast Council's list for proposed fee rise for next financial year.

While most fees and charges for the new financial year are due for very little increase, Gloucester cemeteries could be hit hard.

In MidCoast Council's 2019/20 draft operational plan, the cemeteries at Gloucester, Stratford and Barrington could see a 50 per cent increase on certain charges.

Currently, the cost to erect a headstone, kerbing or a slab over a grave costs $140; in the fees and charges proposed for the new financial year the price tag increases to $210.

"A number of the Gloucester cemetery charges have increased as part of a harmonisation of fees across the Mid Coast," a spokesperson for council said.

When comparing costs of Gloucester to the Great Lakes and Manning, it can get quite confusing depending on where, when and how you chose to place a loved one to rest. However, the general cost of a grave in Great Lakes and Manning is $2175 with a zero per cent increase in the draft plan. Gloucester currently costs $3500 with a zero per cent increase, however the headstone, kerbing and slab permissions are additional and are subject to the proposed increase.

All the fees and charges outlined in the draft plan, plus a draft three year delivery program and draft budget, are currently on public exhibition and are open for community feedback until 4.30pm Wednesday, June 19.

"We invite members of the public to provide feedback on these documents, which will then go back to councillors for adoption," council's general manager Adrian Panuccio explained.

"Once adopted these documents become an important delivery checklist across all areas of council.

"The plans provide an overview of where we are headed, a detailed outline of deliverables and the performance criteria against which we will measure our progress."

Mr Panuccio said an important focus for the coming year will be on a range of "transformational projects that will take MidCoast Council into the next phase of integration and providing services for our community.

"Many of these projects focus on improving the internal business processes of Council, and this work is critical to ensure that direct services to the community are delivered efficiently and effectively."

During the coming year council will also be working across all facets of council business to deliver: improvements to significant recreational facilities, the Civic Precinct project providing a new innovative library space and customer service point for the Forster community, development of a Cultural Plan, and the implementation of support strategies for youth and ageing sectors.

"Work will continue on the development of a Mid Coast wide local environmental plan and development control plan to allow for a common approach to development applications and we will begin design work on improvements to both water and sewer services for the Gloucester region."

Find out more about plans, budget, fees and charges by visiting www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/DPO where you can also review and download the document, and find details about how to make a submission.

Did you know?

Barrington Pioneer cemetery occupies a small site surrounded by farmland. Inscriptions found date from 1874 to 1970. A significant proportion of these relate to pioneering Scottish immigrants from the Isle of Skye.

The cemetery is long closed.