Artist inspired by childhood in the 1990s

Do you fondly remember Wizz Fizz, Bubble O'Bill ice-creams, watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or buying Cleo or Cosmopolitan magazine with a fresh-faced Kate Moss on the cover? Then you probably grew up in the 1990s.

A new collection of digital prints from Australian online business DG Designs, 'Nine Oh', takes art lovers back to 1990s, inspired by icons and memories from the decade.

"The trends of the 90s left their mark like no other," DG Designs founder and artist Dominique Gauci says. "I wanted to capture the nostalgia of an era that was teeming with rebellious marketing, vibrant colours and unapologetic icons."

DG Designs embraces all sorts of design styles, from structured digital prints and delicate illustrations, to personalised pieces.

Gauci has always demonstrated a creative aptitude, her modern artwork showcasing a combination of clean, structured lines and an urban colour palette. This has resulted in her producing recognisable images that give a nod to sport, music, popular culture and fashion.

The 'Nine Oh' artworks are available at DG Designs online store,