Scorpions soccer weekly wrap up

Toby Kellehear is going after the ball during the soccer match on Saturday. Photo supplied
Toby Kellehear is going after the ball during the soccer match on Saturday. Photo supplied

Gloucester competition

Calco Division 4

Ollies Service Centre vs Community Shop - With both teams missing players both teams stepped up, thank you Roy for playing for Community Shop. Allira Wilson had a fantastic game consistently chasing the ball down saving several goals. Jesse Reyes also had a great game. Ollies showed their increasing ball skills with great passing to one another and sharing of the ball..

Home Improvement Services vs Bucketts Building Supplies - An awesome game. Bodhi Murphy and Finley Osborne kept the ball moving forward and constantly on the go. Matthew Ruyter, Jaxson Barnes and Sebastian House had a great time playing goal keeper and defenders. Chloe Campbell and Flynn Garnham again had a great game in the middle. Well done everyone, keep improving. Home Improvement's Jake Harris scored another couple of goals. Strong games again from Daisey Jennings and Mitch Andrews kept red in the game. Aliyah Matri had a great game protecting the goals, Hamish Haschek had a couple of big runs. Another great game, Red.

Barrington trophies vs Darrels Butchery - A great game from both teams, Barrington Trophies Max Dellsperger scored two goals, Darrels Butcherys, Levi Collins got a few breaks down the field. A great game from both teams. Keep up the good work.

Bucketts Building Supplies Division 3

Community Shop vs BlueLight - Free flowing game with plenty of passing and talking among players. Some good goals scored by both sides. Community Shop- A good hard game today played by both sides, Jarrod excellent defence in goal. Everyone played really well as a team. Community Shop 5 Bluelight 3

Medico vs Annie McKee - Jacob played extremely well. Heidi was exceptional. Jarrah was fantastic and everyone played in good spirits. Lots of team work and passing. Charlie and William were solid up front. Eli great as always. Well done everyone. McKee- Great game and couple of great saves in goal by Aiden and Bodhi and Poppy. Great defence by Linc, Taj and Jack. Final score Medico 6 McKee 0

Carwash vs Water & Tipper - Oliver had a cracker of a game and maroon worked well together with some cracker goal saving. Rocket man, Toby was fast off the bat each time. Carwash- Great saves by Charlie in first half and more by Brodie in 2nd half, good lead up played by Bradley for Brodies goal. Good defence by Amos and Hudson. Final score Water & Tipper 7, Carwash 2

Levi Collins

Levi Collins

Community Shop Division 2

Tax and Accounting vs Soldiers Club - Short numbers this week made a tough challenge for Soldiers Club against a full Tax and Accounting team. Great teamwork and passing allowed good movement around the field. A goal came early for Soldiers Club from good forward play. Sam Ellis scored a long range goal from a giant kick that bounced over the head of Alicia Edwards in goals. Ruben Hutchins scored that only goal from Tax and Accounting with Nick Maggs scoring two for Soldiers Club. Final score 1 - 3.

Community Shop v Bluelight - Great game from both teams. Bluelight took the early lead with goals to Hugo Laurie and Andrew Fraser. With the Community team working well together, they pulled the lead back with goals from Rory Gambrill and Thomas Coombe. The defence work from both teams really impressed. The second half saw another see-sawing affair with Bluelight's Maya Smith outstanding in the midfield and Mia Blamires battling all game rarely letting anyone past her. Defence from Hailey Fisher-Webster and Logan Webeck shut any attack from Bluelight down. Great saves in goal by Tamika Smith, Albie Cameron and Jack Joliffe saw the score remain tight. But with Harry Cross feeding the forward line, two quick goals to Thomas and Rory saw the final score 4 - 2.

Avon Valley Concreting vs Woolworths - Bradley Rayner, Connor Garnham and Georgia Hughes worked well as a team in the third game of the day. They were up against some tough defence from Emily George, Felicity Holstein and Joseph Hogan. Jesse Ashby saved many goals as his time as goalie and Rose Murphy supported in the defence role. Goals went to Georgia Hughes, Connor Garnham with Bradley Rayner landing six. This sealed the score line, however not for a lacking of goal attempts from Avon Valley Concreting. Jarrah Wilson made several attempts and Asher Baker was unrelenting in goal attempts, however unfortunately none of them made it into the back of the nets which would have created a very different result. Final score 0 - 6.

Bethany Hester and James Terras

Bethany Hester and James Terras

Gloucester Bluelight Division 1

Accommodation vs Community Shop - Community Shop had a lot of missed opportunities that Accommodation took advantage of. Alarni Longbottom and Emily Garnham had great games in both attach and defence. James Terras and Josh Norrie worked well together all game. Josh scoring Community Shop's only goal. Accommodation's Audrey Holstein had a great game with consistent solid defence. Hayden Schultz had a couple of good runs and seriously big kicks. Bethany Hester, Hayden Schultz and Will Bandy showed their skills in passing and plugging away at the oppositions goal, Bethany Hester walking away with 3 goals for the game. Jake Danton had an outstanding game in goals. Great teamwork all round from Accommodation. Final score 4 - 1 to Accommodation.

Autolec vs Bucketts Building Supplies - Paula Edwards was solid in goals once again, Autolec came up against solid defence from Bucketts Building consistently making it hard to break through to find the goals. The scores were levelled 2 all at half time. Second half was fought out from one end of the ground to the other, Autolecs Jyah Bowden broke through to take them to the lead, Sam Ballantine scored a goal in the dying minute taking the final score to 4 - 2 to Autolec. Great game to both teams.

CRT 13's

This week we played the Great Lakes Raiders at home, The Raiders were one place ahead of us on the table and both teams had everything to play for. Scorpions came out strong with their attack and Jack passed a ball through to Nick who gently popped it up over the goalies head, Scorpions 1/0.

The team combined together well in defence with save after save from the Raiders attack, when Joseph passed to Jake then onto Sam to Nick and Scorpions where 2/0 at half time. We changed our Goal keeper and Lock came into the mid field where he didn't take long to show his talent with an own run from the midfield through the defence and past their goalie, Scorpions 3/0. Nick scored his third and the team eased of, This gave the Raiders a chance and they capitalised on it picking up 2 goals at the end. Full time Scorpions 4/2, this win has moved us up 3 places on the ladder to 9th out of 14 teams, well done Scorpions.

Drifta 16'sdraw with comp leaders

Drifta 16's were determined to battle it out against the comp leaders this week against Tuncurry Black on Saturday June 15, with Drifta dominating play during the opening minutes. Midfielders Aiden Hawkins and Owen Tomlinson put pressure on Tuncurry's talented keeper, along with our forwards, Kayden Schumann and Kelly Groves, keeping their defensive line busy also. A brilliant diagonal ball from Beau Blanch went sailing past their keeper and placed Drifta in the lead. A tough battle ensued during the second half with Drifta trying to maintain the lead, while Tuncurry pushed forward keeping Isaac Earle-Broadley busy in goals. Cody Howard put forward a plethora of opportunities targeting Tuncurry's keeper, bringing him out of the box, only to be caught or just skimming past the post. Sam Leimgruber had an outstanding game, while Isaac Earle-Broadly punched out a great high ball toward the side line, only to have it rebound by their defender and pushed through a gap to find the net, bringing it to 1-1 later in the second half. With both teams unable to find a breakthrough, the score remained at 1-1 at full time.

Next Saturday June 22, Drifta travel to Tuncurry to play Tuncurry Gold at 11.20am.

Tinonee Too Strong For Soldiers Club

Tinonee Eagles hosted the Gloucester Soldiers Club Men's team on Saturday June 15, with Tinonee starting on an all out attack, scoring three quick goals in succession. Aiden Hawkins pushed through a great ball to Harry Clarke, passing it onto Bailey Ballantyne who travelled at speed with a Tinonee defender to the goal who took possession and kicked it away, but then connected with Matthew Trudgeon who slotted it into the net to claim Gloucesters only goal. Soldiers Club returned to the field in the second half with determination and a never-give-up attitude which remained throughout the remainder of the game, despite Tinonee's constant barrage of attackers in Gloucesters half, Tinonee claiming a win of 8-1.

Next week, Saturday June 22, Gloucester travel to Nabiac for a 3pm kick off against Tuncurry Tigers.