Letter to editor: resigning from community committee

Letter to editor: resigning from community committee

I have recently resigned from Gloucester Exploration Project Community Consultative Committee (GEPCCC) where I had been a community representative since its inception 12 years ago.

This mining exploration CCC was the first one in the State for the exploration phase of mining. It concerns three coal mining licences but most well known was the licence closest to Gloucester where the Rocky Hill mine was proposed.

This proposal was turned down chiefly on social impact grounds. The three licences remain and the many land purchases made by Gloucester Resources to facilitate the Rocky Hill proposal remain with the company. The remaining licences include exploration started on Woods Road, Craven and on Spring Creek Road.

The GEPCCC is a body where representatives from the company, government, council and community meet and unresolved issues such as mining plans and social impacts can be worked through.

Clearly there is considerable work still to be done.

Steve Robinson,