90-year-old Highlander holds the Australian age graded record for parkrun

At 90 years old, she's the Australian age graded record holder for Parkrun and she's not slowing down.

Training during the week more than most, Norma Wallet's performances at Bowral parkrun are comparable to an Olympic runner for her age.

Getting into running was an easy decision for Norma and the results have been life-changing.

"I got into running to keep active," Ms Wallet said. "It was something to do apart from working and it has excellent benefits health-wise."

Holding the Australian age graded record holder for Parkrun, Norma looks to continually beat her own record but, sometimes it just doesn't work out when you're overly expecting a result.

"My record time is 34.12," Ms Wallet said.

"That put me into the 108.29% and that's the record. I didn't run that today though (laughs)."

"It was such a wonderful feeling hearing I'd broken the record. Things like that seem to happen when you're least expecting it. I had no idea I was running well that day, I was only plodding along.

"I've had other days where I was really sweated it out and tried hard but I was slower. It's very unpredictable.

"I'm going to continually try and beat that time. That's what will motivate me to keep going. Continually trying to better yourself is a good thing. Even if I don't break it, making sure I put the effort in is the main thing."

I'm going to continue running until I can't walk anymore..

Norma Wallet

There will be no slowing down for Norma, who recently turned 90, and her running passion. It's more than a hobby for her and she loves everything about it.

"I'm going to continue running until I can't walk anymore (laughs)," Ms Wallet said.

"It' a wonderful little community here at Park Run. It's lovely to see everyone, have a run with them then have a social get together after the run.

"It's a really good event and I encourage everyone out there to give it a go."

This story 90yo Norma's breaking parkrun records first appeared on Southern Highland News.