Students create healthy gardens

There's nothing better than eating food from your own garden.

Not only is it the freshest way possible to experience the yummy goodness of vegetables, but there's a sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing that you grew it.

Gloucester High School year seven students undertake a mandatory rotation in the agricultural department and throughout term three, they've been been busy in the garden learning a range of agricultural processes.

According to teacher Rob Seale, students have learned about soil health, composting, planting and growing vegetables, bees and insects, weed control and most importantly control and application of water in their gardens.

The results have seen the students develop productive gardens with the ability to put together bags of veggies ready to sell to the school community.

Austin Dickson, Kyiesha Leary and Justin Battams were recognised for the neatest and most productive veggie plot.

Mr Seale made special mention of Sky Hill's contribution from the last rotation.

Her garden continues to produce a range of healthy and interesting produce.