Story sharing to help other farmers

Sharing practical advice and management skills with fellow farmers is a long held bush tradition and has been the catalyst for a new video drought management series produced by Hunter Local Land Services (HLLS).

HLLS has been working with drought affected communities to connect producers with the best support and advice when it comes to livestock health, feeding and nutrition, pasture management, emergency drought support and local networks on the ground.

The six videos shared on the HLLS Youtube channel and via Facebook, focus on key areas including advanced drought planning, early weaning, feeding, destocking, utilising assistance options, and most importantly the value of networking with neighbours and friends, all aimed to help with on-farm decision making.

In one of the videos, Rob and Jenny Lee, cattle producers from Merriwa talk about the hard decisions they have had to make during this drought.

"We had a really good line of cattle we had been building up, and looking at the market and the way the weather was and possibly could be, I just made the decision for them all to go," Rob said.

"We were set on a particular way of running our place and then we changed it completely and by reassessing that, we are now wondering why didn't we do that years ago? It's going to make life a lot easier for us - and a lot of that information has come out of the workshops that we have attended," he said.

Jenny urged producers to take the time to talk with other farmers, and not be too hard on themselves, as everyone is managing the best they can.

"People on the land tend to beat themselves up a fair bit, but when you talk to other people you sometimes think oh well, okay, maybe I am not making too bad of a job of it after all," Jenny said.

Watch the videos at For information and drought advice, call 1300 795 299.