Gloucester Pony Club at the annual Zone 25 Jamboree,

Gloucester Pony Club finished off 2019 at the Annual Zone 25 Jamboree, hosted by Dungog Pony Club.

Twenty-one riders aged between 5 and 25 years headed down Friday (October 25) with their parents and horses to camp at the Dungog Showground.

Riders included Sam, Jessica and Charlotte Marchant, Isabell Fisher, Kelly Laurie, Mia and Chloe Tresidder, Amelia Wooster, Darcy Hall, Melody and Nicholas Maslen, Riley, Emily and Olivia Marsh, Alex, Katrina and Danielle Channon, Anthony Shultz, Bianca and Brooke Turner and Taylah Earle Hughes.

Competition started at 7.30am Saturday (October 26) for a gear check of all riders from Bulahdelah, Cessnock, Dungog, Hinton Wallalong, Maitland, Mt Sugar Loaf, Paterson River, Stroud, Salt Ash, Wallsend New Lambton, Raymond Terrace and Gloucester.

Gloucester riders in their full pony club uniforms, with ponies all polished were keen to start the events which included show jumping, dressage and stockmans challenge. Windy and warm weather didn't stop our riders from holding back through the harder tests, proving their abilities against the more experienced riders. Congratulations to all riders winning ribbons and trophies.

The afternoon was a fun time with sporting events like flag race, western pole and the favourite pony twist inviting riders and ponies to enjoy a gallop to the finish line.

That evening Zone 25 held its annual presentation dinner with many of our riders winning trophies including beautiful embroidered horse rugs for the age group champions.

Sunday morning (October 27) parents and riders where up again plaiting, grooming their ponies ready for the prestigious 'March Past Trophy" for best presented and pony club team work. In past years, Gloucester Pony Club has won this trophy and where determined to take it home this year. Competing against the 11 competitive clubs was tough but Gloucester, with matching helmet covers, braided tails and polished hooves and boots, were clear winners to the three judges.

The excitement was then followed with the mornings hack and rider classes in which our riders put in their best among the many hacky clubs. More ribbons and smiles followed to the sporting events the barrel, Scudaho and Bonfield Bounce. Again speed and accuracy was our advantage with all riders enjoying these last events.

The final presentation saw again many ribbons and trophies awarded to our riders. Congratulations to all our riders as their friendships and team work as club shone well above the other clubs there.

Thank you to our wonderful parents, grandparents, our committee and to Dungog Pony Club for hosting such a great end of year event. See you all next year.