Update on Hillville Road and Rumba Dump fires

The Hillville Road fire at Burrell Creek. Photo: Scott Calvin
The Hillville Road fire at Burrell Creek. Photo: Scott Calvin

The Hillville Road fire moved west into Burrell Creek and Bo Bo Creek yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, November 13. An emergency warning was issued but has since been taken off. The fire is still south of the Bucketts Way.

"There was a lot of active fire in there yesterday," said Julian Armstrong from the NSW RFS. "There's still a lot of work to be done in that area mopping up and trying to get containment lines in there.

"The Hillville fire is also heading towards Mount Talawahl which has the communitications facility there. The communications facility is out at the moment because it's got no power. We're going to try and work on in that in the next couple of days to restablish power to that.

"On the northern side of Failford Road there's quite a few crews in there doing some mopping up today to mop up active fire and calm that down in there," Mr Armstrong said.

North of Wingham the Rumba Dump fire is still causing a lot of trouble at Killabakh.

The RFS has machinery currently putting in containment lines to the south and east of Killabakh to stop the fire burning into Yarratt State Forest.

"We hope to do a bit of back burning there fairly soon to try and tie it in before the next lot of worse weather comes before Tuesday/Wednesday next week. We will have a bit of pressure on it tomorrow but we're hoping the sea breeze will push it back tomorrow," Mr Armstrong said.

There is a concern that the Rumba Dump fire is joining up with the Thunderbolts Way fire further to the west, which is also heading toward Wingham.

"It's a big fire, but we're still working on some containment lines on the southern edge of it so it doesn't keep coming down towards Wingham," Mr Armstrong said.

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