Open and public forums before MidCoast Council meetings changed to earlier time in 2020

Earlier time slot for public and open forums

Open and public forums before MidCoast Council ordinary meetings will move to an earlier time slot in 2020.

This will be in effect from the first ordinary meeting of 2020 on Wednesday, February 5 at the Forster council chambers.

Previously, the forums were held immediately prior to each ordinary meeting. Now, the open forum (addresses to council not on the agenda) will start at 9.30am on the day of a council meeting with the public forum to follow afterwards.

According to a report issued by council's Rob Griffiths, the change will allow councillors to consider or undertake additional research before meetings, ensure meetings begin at 2pm and a prompt process of answering inquiries in relation to meeting outcomes.

Pre-meeting briefings and workshops will follow the forums before the meetings begin at 2pm.

Councillors Kathryn Bell, Jan McWilliams and Peter Epov voted against the move at the December 18 ordinary council meeting in Taree.

The 2020 meeting schedule was determined at the November 27 ordinary meeting.