Letter: green smoke screen

Letter: green smoke screen

Once again the state and federal governments are guilty of using the green line for covering their neglect of national parks and forestry.

To claim the disastrous bushfires are a result of climate change is not only a convenient cop-out, but shows in its falsehood a total disrespect for those who have lost their lives and property.

Anyone who works on the land will tell you that there has been a noticeable change in weather patterns since the 1980s.

However, prolonged drought and the lack of resources to perform cold, mosaic burn-offs in national parks and forestry along with farmers and graziers being restricted in hazard control is the real cause of uncontrollable conflagrations.

Until governments start putting money and resources back into country areas instead of centralising services in cities, bushfires will only increase in numbers and severity.

As a final slap in the face, the NSW Government is considering selling state-owned softwood plantations to finance a new road and tunnel in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

Well, I guess there are more votes in Sydney than in NSW country.

Dave Parker