Gloucester's Zeke Llewellyn to perform with Zsuzanna Giczy and Laszlo Keringer

Zeke Llewellyn gets warmed up ahead of his performance alongside Zsuzanna Giczy and Laszlo Keringer. Photo Anne Keen
Zeke Llewellyn gets warmed up ahead of his performance alongside Zsuzanna Giczy and Laszlo Keringer. Photo Anne Keen

Sometimes it's the people you meet that help start you on an unexpected journey, and that's exactly how Gloucester's Zeke Llewellyn found himself on the bill alongside a couple of distinguished classical musicians.

It was during his seventh grade violin exam that he met Zsuzanna Giczy, a long-time teacher of music and musical director.

Zsuza graduated from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest and has been been involved in several opera companies here and aboard. However, Zeke came across her at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where she is currently both a piano teacher and an accompanist.

It was Zeke's violin instructor who introduced the pair suggesting Zsuza would be the right person to accompany him during his exam.

According to Zeke, after Zsuza heard him playing violin, she told him he was ready to start performing in concerts.

"She said that was how she learned to be a piano performer and not just how to play," Zeke said.

From there, the Music Concert was born, a night of classical music to take place at the Gloucester Anglican Church on Friday, February 21.

Listed on the bill, along with Zeke and Zsuza, is Hungarian tenor, Laszlo Keringer. The outstanding acoustics of the church building is set to be filled with the music of Bach, Beethoven, Haydn, Accolay and Monteverdi.

Zeke isn't unfamiliar with the stage having performed at several high school and community events as well as being in the Schools Spectacular orchestra for the past two years. But at this concert, he'll be performing two pieces with Zsuza accompanying, upfront and centre.

Although the year 11 Gloucester High School student is quite sure where his love of music will lead him, he's taking the opportunities that come to him in stride.

"I did a masterclass at the conservatorium and the professor said he'd like to take me on as a student," Zeke said.

The Music Concert is on Friday, February 21 from 7pm at Gloucester Anglican Church, Hume Street. Tickets cost $25 per person and are on sale at Uptown Country, 23 Denison Street. For more information call 0438 602 886. This performance is supported by GACCI (Gloucester Arts and Cultural Council Inc).