Letter: What if there aren't enough beds?

I am voicing concerns regarding the closure of the aged care facilities at Gloucester hospital, my main concern is about the future placement of local elderly residents, who need or will be needing care.

Where will they be housed once Anglican Care fill their beds at the new nursing home?

Locals were under the impression that although Anglican Care would be opening in Gloucester that the aged care beds at the hospital would continue taking residents and operate as they have done in the past.

As we are now aware this will not be the case.

Where are our loved ones going to go once all this takes place?

Out of town?

No, that will not be acceptable.

Some of these people are third and fourth generation locals.

Why should they be displaced by being forced, out of necessity, to go outside of the area to find full time residential care that in the past had been provided on the grounds of Gloucester Soldiers Memorial Hospital?

Relocating could place not only a financial but an emotional, physical and psychological burden on many of them and their families.

This in itself would be not only stressful but disrespectful, considering the contribution that many of of them have had in establishing your town and your region.

Is this any way for our senior citizens to be treated in their final years?

Another of my concerns is, where will existing care staff at the hospital find employment once Anglican Care is fully opened and the aged care beds at the hospital are closed?

The nurses, wards people, kitchen, cleaning and laundry staff, to name a few, where will they go?

The obvious solution to these concerns would be to keep the aged care beds at the hospital open and available to accommodate the ever increasing ageing population in the area.

There is ample need and room for both facilities to operate within the Gloucester region.

On behalf of concerned local residents.

Kath Fordham,