Letter to the editor

This is a quote from an article by Peter Hartcher, political and international editor for the Sydney Morning Herald which comments on discussions in the National Party Room on climate change last week:

"(Barnaby) Joyce and David Gillespie said people in their electorates didn't bring up climate change, ''so we shouldn't be misled by the media and the Green left into thinking this is a bigger issue than it really is." (Page 32 SMH 8/2/20)

If you feel this does not reflect your views on climate change or you think that your local member could be being misrepresented and falsely accused of denying the concerns constituents of Lyne have concerning climate change in his electorate, then I encourage you to contact the Member for Lyne to express your views: David Gillespie MP, PO Box 244, Wauchope, NSW, 2446, phone (02) 6557 8910, email: david.gillespie.mp@aph.gov.au

Catherine Potts

Bonny Hills