COVID-19 cases continues to climb in Hunter New England Health district

The Hunter New England Health District's first case of COVID-19 has made a full recovery and has now been released from home isolation.

As at 8pm, Sunday, March 22, an additional 17 cases of COVID-19 had been diagnosed, bringing the total number of Hunter New England confirmed cases to 47.

The likely source of infection of 28 of these cases is overseas, while 11 were likely locally acquired through contact with a confirmed case. In the remaining four cases the contact has not been identified.

Breakdown by age and sex:

  • 10-19 years: 2 females, 1 male
  • 20-29 years: 7 women, 3 men
  • 30-39 years: 2 women, 5 men
  • 40-49 years: 1 woman, 1 man
  • 50-59 years: 5 women, 3 men
  • 60-69 years: 4 women, 6 men
  • 70-79 years: 4 women, 3 men
  • 80-89 years: nil
  • 90-100 years: nil

Health staff continue to undertake daily wellness checks with all confirmed cases in the district.

Hunter New England Health is contacting close contacts of the new cases, who are being asked to self-isolate for 14 days from last contact. They will be contacted every day to check that they are well and any contact who develops COVID-19 symptoms will be tested for the infection.

Meanwhile, in an effort to prepare its services for COVID-19, Hunter New England Health has postponed non-urgent elective surgeries to allow for staff training and provide more capacity to respond to the pandemic.