Gloucester CWA Evening Branch restarts post-COVID lock down

CWA has restarted post-COVID

The Gloucester Country Women's Association Evening Branch has recommenced after the Corona Virus shut down.

The CWA rooms are open for bookings, please phone Denise on 042852232.

The hall is air conditioned for your comfort if it is cold.

The Evening Branch is running a raffle to raise much needed funds for the Association.

Tickets are available on Thursday, July 2 and Saturday July 11 in the main street, don't miss out, there are three great prizes.

For the next meeting we are asked to bake a Carrot and Ginger Loaf and Orange and Tarragon Jelly, hope to have plenty of entries.

The July meeting will be held at the CWA rooms on Friday, July 10th commencing at 11.30am.

All welcome.