Fast-track approvals for small scale DAs

MidCoast Council adopts fast-track approvals system for small scale DAs

MidCoast Council will roll out a fast track approval system for minor and small scale development applications, following a successful trial over recent months.

Council approved the fast track system for implementation this week, after reviewing the results of the trial which ran for a 12 week period earlier this year.

During the trial 79 applications were assessed with an average approval time of eight business days.

Fast track application development types include low impact proposals such as single storey dwellings, garages, sheds, carports and swimming pools.

"The fast track system has been tailored and resourced to ensure shorter assessment and turnaround times are delivered for these small scale DAs," council's director of liveable communities, Paul De Szell said.

To be considered as a fast track application, proposals need to be straightforward, comply with council's LEP and DCP provisions, not require neighbour notification under the community participation plan or internal referral to other sections of council or external agencies, and be on sites that are not significantly constrained.

"Dedicated officers for fast-track applications provide a direct point of contact for customers, particularly high-volume repeat customers, such as project home builders, shed and swimming pool builders, enhancing customer experience," Mr De Szell said.

The fast-track system also allows for the related construction certificate application to be lodged at the same time as the DA, to have both applications assessed and determined concurrently.

"The provisions allow for a one-stop shop for fast-track development that meets the requirements, and will significantly speed up approvals for minor and small scale developments across the MidCoast," Mr De Szell said.